Free Expression Interview Series

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Frontlinedefenders – “Human rights defender Ms Pham Thanh Nghien has been held in prison since she was arrested on 18 September 2008 for attempting to stage a peaceful protest. Her family has recently learned that her trial is expected to take place on 17 December 2009 in Hai Phong. Pham Thanh Nghien is a member of Bloc 8406, a pro-democracy network of human rights defenders and organisations which began working in 2006 by publishing a Manifesto on Freedom and Democracy in Vietnam. Pham Thanh Nghien is the 2009 recipient of the Human Rights Watch Hellman/Hammett Award.”
We interview Pham Thanh Nghien, former political prisoner under article 88 of the Vietnamese criminal code, about her arrest, treatments during the investigation period, during her imprisonment, and her life upon completion of the sentence.

HelpingHandsThe idea behind this digital Free Expression Interview Series is simple: for democracy and human rights activists and bloggers in Vietnam and everywhere in the world to share their stories, in their own voice, with their own words. 

In this project, we interview activists about their stories, and publish them in short videos on Youtube. With this project, made possible thanks to the Internet, we hope to give you some insights into dissident political life in the restrictive one-party communist Vietnam.

We would like Vietnamese and international friends to get to know the very human sides of our activists. Quick reports on news media sometimes fail to convey the very humanly aspirations and beliefs that motivate their actions and speeches.

We would like international friends who care about democracy and freedom in Vietnam to understand how the rights and freedoms that are taken for granted in their countries are still the aspirations of many people in Vietnam, the causes for which activists risk their own lives and liberties to realize.

We would like international human rights organizations and researchers of human rights in Vietnam to have a deeper understanding of the situation of democracy activists and former political prisoners – harassments they face, conditions in jail, the continued persecution upon completion of their imprisonment sentence. Read More